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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Such a Sweet Big Brother

I had to take Joey for shots at the pediatrician's office today. I was trying to pick up only Joey at school, knowing I didn't want to bring Robby along for the trauma of shots. But Robby was worried about having to go in the sprinkler with his class, so he ultimately just followed out the gate after me. I tried to warn him the whole drive over that shots were involved and Joey would cry, but it would only hurt a few seconds and then he'd be fine. I tried to tell him to be brave for Joey and not cry, since that would upset Joey more.

Joey got the shots. He cried about 30 seconds then stopped. By this time, Robby was hugging my leg and I probably had to hug him more than I did Joey. We got to the car and Robby told me he was scared and he wanted a hug. He told me, "But I always want Joey on Thursday and Friday." Which I think was meant to be something like, "But I don't like Joey to be so upset." I told him to give Joey a hug, and he leaned his head into Joey's chest for a hug -- I think Robby needed the hug more than Joey. What a sweet little heart Robby has. So compassionate. We kept telling Joey he did a good job (though by this time, Joey really didn't care any more) and I kept trying to make Robby see that Joey was fine now.

We all got ice cream cones to make us feel better, and of course they worked. No more tears. Just sticky ice cream hands and faces.
On Tuesday when we went to the playground, Robby helped Joey climb up, holding his foot and helping him find places to grab, just like I do. And tonight he let Joey have a toy they were fighting over. It's so wonderful to see how sweet and protective Robby is of Joey. Joey is very lucky to have such a caring big brother.

I told Robby today that I'm going to be in trouble when the Grande boys are in high school though. Those two get attention from girls - of all ages - wherever they go. Such little charmers, even without trying.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Joy of Kit Kats

I try to have a surprise for the boys when I pick them up each day from school. It started as a way to get Robby to head for the car faster (instead of all the socializing on the way out) and sometimes it was a snack, sometimes a toy he hadn't been able to find, or just a favorite one. Then as Joey become old enough to snack and to put up a fuss when I wanted to get him into the seat, I started to bring things for him too. Since food was usually the best distraction for Joe, it has pretty much become a daily snack routine. Sometimes I forget and have nothing and have to apologize. Sometimes I forget but find some interesting toys in the car. Sometimes I pack a snack from home. Sometimes I get something while I'm out.

Today I made an impulse purchase in the cafeteria and picked up a Kit Kat. Figured I'd have them share since I don't generally feed them candy bars. This was rough gist of our afternoon car conversation...

Me: I have a special surprise for you today -- a Kit Kat!
Robby: Mommy, do I like Kit Kats?
M: I think you will!
Hand the bar to Joey as the distraction to get him buckled in.
M: Joey, we're going to share.
Joey: No. Mine. (holding the bar to his chest)
Manage to give them each 2 sticks, though some complaining from Joey about sharing.
M to Joey: Look, see, two.
J: Tu
Driving along as they enjoy the Kit Kats....
M: So, do you like the Kit Kats, Robby?
R: Yes!
R: Where did you get the Kit Kats, Mommy?
M: At work.
R: How did you get them Mommy?
M: I went to the cafeteria and bought them.
J: Mes.
M, turning around to see him and laughing: Yes. Joe, you're a mess.
R: Did you think, "I will get these for Robby and Joey"?
M, laughing again: Yes, I thought, Robby and Joey will like these for a surprise.
J: Mes.
J: Mor.
M: More what Joey?
J: Mor.
M: More Kit Kat?
J: Kat!
J: Bobby. Mor.
R: More Kit Kat Mommy.

In the end, they were both covered in chocolate. But I bought another when we stopped at CVS and let them eat 1 more stick each on our outing. Daddy enjoyed some more Kit Kat with them later, after dinner. Such a novel treat. Somehow while Robby claimed he couldn't finish his mac+cheese, he managed to scoff down a Kit Kat stick pretty quickly. Funny thing about that.