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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Joy of Kit Kats

I try to have a surprise for the boys when I pick them up each day from school. It started as a way to get Robby to head for the car faster (instead of all the socializing on the way out) and sometimes it was a snack, sometimes a toy he hadn't been able to find, or just a favorite one. Then as Joey become old enough to snack and to put up a fuss when I wanted to get him into the seat, I started to bring things for him too. Since food was usually the best distraction for Joe, it has pretty much become a daily snack routine. Sometimes I forget and have nothing and have to apologize. Sometimes I forget but find some interesting toys in the car. Sometimes I pack a snack from home. Sometimes I get something while I'm out.

Today I made an impulse purchase in the cafeteria and picked up a Kit Kat. Figured I'd have them share since I don't generally feed them candy bars. This was rough gist of our afternoon car conversation...

Me: I have a special surprise for you today -- a Kit Kat!
Robby: Mommy, do I like Kit Kats?
M: I think you will!
Hand the bar to Joey as the distraction to get him buckled in.
M: Joey, we're going to share.
Joey: No. Mine. (holding the bar to his chest)
Manage to give them each 2 sticks, though some complaining from Joey about sharing.
M to Joey: Look, see, two.
J: Tu
Driving along as they enjoy the Kit Kats....
M: So, do you like the Kit Kats, Robby?
R: Yes!
R: Where did you get the Kit Kats, Mommy?
M: At work.
R: How did you get them Mommy?
M: I went to the cafeteria and bought them.
J: Mes.
M, turning around to see him and laughing: Yes. Joe, you're a mess.
R: Did you think, "I will get these for Robby and Joey"?
M, laughing again: Yes, I thought, Robby and Joey will like these for a surprise.
J: Mes.
J: Mor.
M: More what Joey?
J: Mor.
M: More Kit Kat?
J: Kat!
J: Bobby. Mor.
R: More Kit Kat Mommy.

In the end, they were both covered in chocolate. But I bought another when we stopped at CVS and let them eat 1 more stick each on our outing. Daddy enjoyed some more Kit Kat with them later, after dinner. Such a novel treat. Somehow while Robby claimed he couldn't finish his mac+cheese, he managed to scoff down a Kit Kat stick pretty quickly. Funny thing about that.

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