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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Moments

Favorite moment during Joey's birthday celebrations: at the family party Saturday night when we started to sing Happy Birthday to him. Beth sat Robby down in the chair with Joey, and Joey looked back, saw it was Robby, and smiled a huge smile and even leaned in to Robby a little. Then went back to his serious face looking at the cake. But there was this great flash of smile at his big brother where it was so obvious that he liked having Robby there with him. Love when they are showing their brotherly love.

The minute we finished singing and clapping, Joey would yell, "Cut it Mommy!" pointing at the cake. Waste no time getting to the cake that one. (We did this at school on Aug. 14, at home on Aug. 14, then twice the next day at the parties.)

This is the face of someone who is loving his birthday cake:
Afterall, when we'd ask him what kind of party did he want, he'd say, "Cake!" There you are little man, 4 cake/singing sessions in all -- 24 store-bought cupcakes, a small ice cream cake, 48 home-baked cupcakes, a large ice cream cake printed with Brown Bear, and 1 home-baked bear cake.

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