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Monday, October 31, 2011

Some Halloween Craftiness at the 11th Hour!

Thanks to Pinterest, I've seen thousands of inspiring ideas. My problem is getting around to changing that inspiration into action. With Halloween kicking off the end-of-year holidays, I think I finally have some motivation going -- it only waited till 10:30 last night to finally kick in (yes, that would be the night before Halloween)!

I had picked up a bag of Halloween pencils from Target several weeks back with the intention of making some kind of little tag or card to go with them for my oldest to hand out at school. Despite the early purchase, I still hadn't done anything with them. So I fired up Photoshop and made little flags to wrap around the pencils.

Halloween Pencil Flags
Halloween Pencil Flags

Everything is from the Too Cute to Spook elements pack from Creativity by Crystal, except the font I used for "From your friend Robby," which is Harry P from

When the boys get home this afternoon, I have these two little guys ready to greet them in the fridge at snack time...
Juice Box Mummies
Juice Box Mummies

I have seen this idea in several places, but one of the original sources I can trace back is here from I used crepe paper and googly eyes, and I made another one for Robby's lunchbox but just did black marker eyes (sometimes too much distraction at lunch isn't a good thing).

I also happen to know that our "Elf on the Shelf," Sprinkles, will be arriving later with a surprise too, but more on that another day.

Thank you Pinterest for some extra Halloween fun. Happy Halloween everyone!

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