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Monday, December 19, 2011

Life with an Elf in the House

Having an elf as a house guest certainly keeps everyone on their toes -- not to mention helps get little boys out of their beds in a hurry every morning.

Sprinkles has been busy -- keeping up with the boys' changing wishlists, monitoring for naughtiness, playing with their toys and entertaining them with his silly surprises. Here are some of his latest antics.

Knowing how much the boys love to build, Sprinkles made his own block fort.
Dec 2- Elf Playing with Blocks

Sprinkles got a band together for some merry music-making. Fortunately they didn't wake anyone up during the night!
Dec 6 - Elf & Friends Band

He played a game of quidditch and caught the golden snitch.
Dec 8- Elf & the Golden Snitch

He went sailing on the pirate ship.
Dec 10 - Elf riding the pirate ship

Oops! Sprinkles just couldn't resist all that red and green candy and had to dive right in!
Dec 10- Elf & M&Ms

Sprinkles invited his pals the nutcracker men and Spike the Dinosaur to a wooden food feast. The boys love this, and prepared a few other items for their meal.
Dec 14 - Elf Feast

Last Friday he created quite a commotion, starting with marker mischief on our bathroom mirror and several picture frames.
Dec 16
Dec 16
I tell you, that elf is full of silly stunts this year! And the boys LOVE his elf-style naughtiness, especially when I pretend to scold him and say I may have to report him to Santa if he keeps this up. When I went to pick up the boys in the afternoon, he had sneaked into my car to greet them.
Dec 16- taking a ride

But that wasn't all, on our way home from a party that evening, he had moved to the driver's seat headrest and tickled the back of my neck since we couldn't see him in the dark. We had a great time laughing at him and telling him he was going to find himself on the naughty list! The boys couldn't stop laughing and were cheering for him to do more funny/naughty tricks. Fortunately Sprinkles spent a quieter Saturday with us.

With less than a week till Christmas, Sprinkles still has some fun plans in mind -- better get to work, Sprinkles!

If you have an elf at your house, I'd love to see what he or she is up to -- share a link to your photos/blog/Pinterest board in the comments.

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