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Thursday, November 17, 2011

25 Ideas for Christmas Elf Antics

Meet Sprinkles, our elf who visits with us for the Christmas season and reports back to Santa each night.

Elf in the Wreath

He brings mischief and merriment from the day after Thanksgiving through December 26th, or even till New Year's Day. He's supposed to fly back with Santa on Christmas Eve, but Santa gives him permission to stay for Christmas Day to see the boys open their presents. Sometimes he stays longer, if he's just too tired to make his way home after all the Christmas preparations.

As more of my friends have elves arriving in their homes, I thought I'd share some of Sprinkles' ideas for bringing magic and delight to your home this Christmas season:
  1. Arrive with an Advent calendar for the kids.
  2. Hide in the Christmas tree, maybe with a new ornament.
  3. Hide in the freezer.
  4. Hide in the car to greet the kids after school.
  5. Arrive with elf or Santa hats for the kids.
  6. Hide in the Christmas village -- it's like being back at the North Pole.
  7. Hide in the bookshelves, maybe with a new Christmas story.
  8. Write a tiny note in funny elf writing.
  9. Draw a picture for the kids -- of them in the snow, of him and his elf pals, of Santa.
  10. Leave tiny elf prints around the house.
  11. Steal mom's camera and take pictures of himself making mischief.
  12. Hide in the fridge after turning the milk green.
  13. Nibble elf bites out of the Christmas cookies when you're not looking.
  14. Sit in the kids toys -- a doll house, a play garage, a baby doll stroller, a remote control car.
  15. Hide among the stuffed animals.
  16. Surprise the kids with a mini Christmas tree for their own room.
  17. Show up at a friend or family member's house while you're visiting there.
  18. Hide in the stockings.
  19. Build something out of the kids' Lego sets.
  20. Bring a sweet treat -- chocolate Santas, candy canes.
  21. Hide in the wreath.
  22. Sit in the chandelier.
  23. Hide in mom's china hutch -- a tea cup is a perfect spot for putting up your elf feet and relaxing.
  24. Bring a toy or treat for the family pet.
  25. Bring new Christmas pajamas for the kids. (Maybe mom and dad too?)
Elf on a Shelf, in a Vase

When the boys were younger, and less able to refrain from touching him, Sprinkles usually stuck to the higher places for hiding -- the top of the TV or dressers, curtain rods, the top of a seldom-used lamp, in the china hutch and in the chandelier.

Since our boys have enjoyed Sprinkles' visits so much, he's been known to visit on Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day and even Halloween. When he visited on St. Patrick's Day, he joined the leprechauns in making some green-themed mischief.

Elf's Visit on St. Patrick's Day

Do you have an elf who visits at Christmas time? If so, I'd love to hear about his antics in your home.

(Note: I have no ties to the Elf on the Shelf company or products, and only wanted to share ideas we have done in our home with our elf, or are planning to do this season.)

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