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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simple Things 10

A simple pot of sauce on Sunday.
Simple 10

Whenever I make a pot of tomato sauce, particularly on a Sunday, I feel like my grandmother, my Nanny Gin, is near. She passed away 12 years ago, but when I make a pot of sauce, I feel a connection to her and to her traditions of loving her family and gathering them together for a delicious meal. This connection is made stronger by the fact that the table we gather around is the same table she had in her kitchen.

We enjoyed this sauce last Sunday over pasta, and ate by candlelight, just because. The sauce, the candlelight, the table, the meal -- all simple things made special.

Participating in "The Simple Things" with Rebecca Cooper at Simple as That.


Jamie said...

What a very special memory, thanks for sharing :)

KandK said...

Being from a large Italian family, EVERY Sunday was "sauce Sunday" and so many special memories.....LOVE the smell and your photo:)
Thanks for sharing!
God Bless,