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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anticipating Spring

After all the snow days, gray skies, chilling winds and rain, this weekend we had two lovely days here in Connecticut. It was the kind of February weekend that reminds you that spring will eventually make its arrival, though there's no guarantee that its arrival won't be delayed by another snow day or two. Saturday morning we took advantage of the sunshine to let the boys ride their bikes at the beach. I took the opportunity to play with the Instagram app on my new iPhone.

Couldn't resist another trip to the beach in this beautiful weather.
When Sunday turned out to be equally sunny and even warmer, we headed to the beach again at the end of the day. This time we walked down to the water's edge so the boys could throw shells in. This didn't last long though, since my littlest one can't be near water without getting himself into it. It took him less than five minutes to walk right in, getting his shoes, socks and the bottom of his pants wet. I guess he may be anticipating spring with even a little more excitement.

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