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Monday, February 28, 2011

Quotes Were Flying Tonight!

Tonight the boys were full of funny comments. From the time I picked up Robby, to our conversation once we picked up Joey about U.S. presidents, and all through dinner, they were unwittingly popping out  one-liners. I had to jot them down as soon as we got home.

R: I'm planning a surprise party for you. I'm going to invite your whole family and my whole family. (I find it interesting to think that my family and his family are different.)

J: We are getting smarter than you because we go to school and you go to work.

R: I prayed for you at school today Mommy because you gave me a haircut.

J: I prayed for you at school today too because... I like your hutch. (Interesting reason.)

R: Some day I will be the mayor and rule the whole city!

Coincidentally, on this day of prolific quotable quotes from the boys, Cathy Zielske had a post on her blog all about capturing quotes. I had read it earlier, and I'm sure that helped me be more in tune to their comments, so it may not entirely be a coincidence. But these are the kinds of quotes I so often want to capture. I think they are a sort of slice of life in miniature -- tiny little snippets of the boys' personalities and ponderings. I love the mini album Cathy shares in her post, and after tonight, I think I need to work on one of those myself.

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